divorcepage2Divorce is one of the most emotionally involved and personally challenging acts of litigation which an individual can undertake, and a result which all parties believe to be agreeable is the priority of the attorney. David Isaacson, Attorney at Law, recognizes the unique needs of those seeking divorce and provides personal counsel, representation, and instruction.

The process of divorce begins with the appropriate paperwork and the acquisition of an index number, which is attached to a summons and “Action for Divorce” document; all future court documents will include this number also, as it is the most convenient way to file those documents involved with what can be a long process. This summons is then served on the opposite spouse who is recognized as the Defendant in the divorce case.

In a reasonable amount of time following the summons (approximately one month), an initial conference should be scheduled so that the parties involved and the necessary officials can reach agreement concerning terms of discussion. This stage of the process requires the completion of a Request for Judicial Intervention application and its correspondent fees—without this document, you cannot be assigned a judge. A preliminary conference stipulation is assigned to you as the Plaintiff on the date of the conference and this will allow the court access to critical information pertaining to your divorce.

As the divorce process evolves, it includes conditional agreements and separation issues that are moderated by the attorneys and individuals involved. Grounds for divorce may include irreconcilable differences, incompatibility, no-fault proceedings, mutual consent, or more serious issues revolving around adultery, cruel treatment, abandonment and subsequent imprisonment following marriage.

For assistance in divorce litigation be sure to contact David Isaacson, Attorney at Law, at his New City, New York office.

Note: The “Action for Divorce” document listed above includes a significant charge. Please be aware of this as you enter into any legal proceeding.

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