Child Support

childsupportThe sensitivity of litigation regarding children is particularly important and David Isaacson, Attorney at Law, offers careful, direct, personal litigation services and counseling that can help satisfy all individuals while paying specific attention to the children involved. In order to receive court-ordered child support, many custodial parents seek the counsel of capable lawyers who are prepared to oversee their cases and make the complicated process of attaining child support far less difficult.

While procedures depend on differences in jurisdiction, the process of obtaining court-ordered child support typically has three basic steps:

The first of these steps requires the custodial parent, and/or their respective attorney, to appear before the proper district magistrate or courthouse and file an application or complaint for the purpose of securing child support. The most common details which jurisdictions call for include general information about the identities of both parents and children involved in the case (complete names, social security identification numbers, tax information and dates of birth, etc.). Parents may also be asked to provide relevant details regarding both marriage and the terms of divorce, and the court may also require complete documentation of parentage.

The second step includes the location of the non-custodial parent (the prospective individual expected to pay child support) who, after being located, is issued a summons by a representative of the court. This summons acts as notification of the custodial parent’s intent and informs the non-custodial parent that they are being sued for child support. A mandatory court hearing is designated and the non-custodial parent must be in attendance to determine if they are responsible for child support payments.

The final phase of the child support process includes the intervention of the court and the establishment of periodic child support payments that must be made by the non-custodial parent.

David Isaacson, Attorney at Law, provides private legal counseling and his extensive procedural knowledge so that the court recognizes your child.

Note: Certain jurisdictions do charge fees for child support applications but custodial parents already receiving public assistance may qualify to have these fees waived.

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